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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 25, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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old court map tooodangerous to drive? that's county are saying about mountain road ... after another young life is lost in a crash. &pjoel d. smith is live there drivers and lawmakkrs are still looking for answers. good morning joel d. patrice , this 3
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the search contiiues this morning... for a man who attempted to kidnap a 14-year old boy. boy. it happennd monday intersectionnof saint clair drive and cardinal way in abingdon. police say the teenaggr was walking to the bussstop... when the driver of a blacc van pulled up and threatened harm & vehicle. investigators say the boy ran &phome and told his parents wha happened.police are now looking for your help. so if you see something suspicious a suspicious person, vehicle, don't hesitate call the ocal law enforcement to let them know that this is something out of c. characttr.police are looking for a black, commercial-style work van... with very few windows. jury seeection continues today... in the trial of the
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woman accused of murdering her co-worker insideea bethesda yoga shop. shop.britttny norwood is murray to death inside the lululemon athletica shop back in march. noowood intially told police the two were attacked by masked men.on monday... more than 85-percent of the potential jurors admitted to seeing or hearrng about this cass before coming to court. if norwood is convicted of first-degree murder... she could get life dead in an apparent upll is - murder-suicide in a nursing happened monday morning... when a man came to visit his wife who lived in the nursing home. police say turned the gun on himself. it's been almost 40 years since her death... but a baltimore county man is oing to ggeat lengths... to find his daughter's killer. killer.83-year old bud gray says he still agonizes about his daughter veryday.37 years ago... phyllis bohle was found in her home... beaten and
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stabbed with a firr poker. since then... no clues have linked investigaaors to a suspect.gray is now offering 10-thousand dollar reward... to the person who helps hhm &psays he's put up thhs money.. justice before he dies. "she was my ldest daughter, and she was born in 1950 she'd be 61 years old now, i just wonder what it would bb like to have her around do things with her" her"anyone with information is psked to call metro rime stoppers at the number on your screen... 1-866-7-lockup. testimony continues today... in the federallbribery triall pf ssate senator ulysses currie. currie.on monday... maryland's lieutenant governor took the witness stand.lieutenant governor anthony bbown said organizational skilll.a - baltimore attorney noo connected with the ccse... says currie's lawyers re trying to provethe charges do
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not amount o bribery. 3&(rubin) "his counsel seems very much to have cooceded the issue of a nnn-disclosure on that's not criiinal, he may be unseated but nnt behind bars for that." ulysses currie is accused of failing to disclose his consulling job with a grocery ptore chain.currie wasspaid 245-thousand dollars over five years... to help shoppers food warehouse obtain traffic thh occupy wall street movement continues today... in cities throughout the world... but that could soon end.a new twitter message posted by facing possible eviction in 24 for a massive showing of support on tueeday!"the group has been out protesting for almost three word yet from the city. residents in a northeast baltimore neighborhood are problems...and they're demanding action. &paction.they wantta change in
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state university.neighbors say students are taking their spots and leaving them with no place to park. residents want tte students to park in campus lots. but residents say the issue goes far beyonn pprking.. "we've had two or three incidents where our senior citizens have been verbally assaulted, physically assaulled, and thh problem is just growing" growing"residents want better enforcement of the community's "ressdential onll" parking restrictionn. tessimony is scheduled o resume today n the caae of a high sccool teacher accused of having sex with some of herr teennged students. students.five young men will take the stand in the triall against stacy schuler.schuler was aateacher and football trainer t their mason ohio high school.some of those men testified monday... talking in x-rated deeail about their alleged accounters with their teacher after football games. ((we were already kissing and just contiiued in thh beddoom -
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on the bed.the fact that all three of you all are in her kind of strange isn't it?)) the behavior ppoves schuler's plea of not guilty by insanity. hondas arr known for bbing a good cars... but for one man in maine...his ride is another story! he racked up more than &pone million miles on his 19-9 honda accord.joe locicero puts an average of 14-thouuand miles a monthhon his car for hhs job as a mechanic joe's story... they showed up foo a parade the town threw him.. to present him with a new 20-10 honda accord.he doesn't know what he'llldo now with the new "true blue", but his family has an idea. ""e'll probably drive it until it turns into dust" (laughs) "it took 11 years to do, so it might take me 15 years to decide the next step, i donnt kkow"
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joe says there really is no secret to kkeping the carron the road this long. most of engine and even its front calipers are are all originals. harlly-daviddon is recalling more than 300-thousand mooorcycles worldwide... because of a problem witththe rear bbake light switch.the company says the exhaust system in certain models could expose the switch to excessive heat....causing the light to malfunction. the and trike models... made from 2009 to 2012. coming up on the early edition... is the u-s on tap for another ccedit downgrade? downgrade?"we're ggtting to pudget disfunction,, the timeline lawmakers have... to stop that from happening. happening.
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((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) ((traafic reporter ad libs)) map fiber map old court map
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3 3 3 3 baltimore is buzzing... over jay-z and kanye west coming to nats nats the "watch the throne" tour will be at first mariner arena... on november firrt... ann e've got your tickets. pe'll be giving away four more
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pairs of tickets on thuusday morning... so stty tuned for your ccance to win. coming up... more money problems for the u-s... u-s...we need a whole restructuring of how the federal government spends the options lawmakers have to stop another credit downgrade... and the dire effects it would have on our economy if it were to happen... again. again.and later in sports... the jags showed outton their home turf in florida...beating team simply did wrong... according to quarterback joe flacco.
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3 3 pressure is growing on the so- called "supercommittee" chargee with fiiding ways to reduue the u-s debt.but as lisaasylvester reports... there's growing concern failuree ould mean another downgrade for u-s. s. --reporter pkg-as follows -- the 12 members of the supercommittee share one thing common - strong ties to theirr party caucuu and political base . that kind f division makes it challenging to find common ground and wall street seems to know that.a new bank of america/merrill lynch report says the deficitt coomission is quote "very credible deficit-reduction plan. the committee is more divided than the overaal congress."the merrill report downgrade from another majorr ratings agency by heeend of phe year if the supercommittee fails to of
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maryland professor peter morici says that's a scenario "we're getting to budget .- disfunction, we nned a whole restructuring of hhw the federal government spends monny and its relationship with the states regarding health care, medicaid, that's not happening, so the credit rating agencies are quite correct to say the united states is not ttiple a and even ess."standard aad poor's u-s rating a notch from aaa to double a.s&p left the door open to further rating cuts if there's "less reductton in spending than agreed tt." moody's and fitch ratings still score the u-s government bonds triple-a -but moody's has a negative outlook and has also warned a riskkof a downgrade if "further fiscal consolidaaion measures are not adopted in 2013."but the way the ccmmittee was set up by congress there is sommthing called sequesttation - a trigger if the supercommittee deadlocks r thh president vetoes their proposal..what happens thennis, in the first
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spending and in non-exempt - domestic spending. on the ddmestic side: things like social security, medicaid are aren't."things like medicare, - homeland security spending, n addition to defense cuts -- that would take effect in 2013. the merrill report predicts a lot of uncertainty for investors and the markets ahead on the day the s&p downgraded the us credit rating, the stock market dropped 7 percent. most of the work of the superr ccmmittee has been behind closed doors.there is a public hearing scheduled for thhi wednesday.but they only have about five weeks to go.then congress haa until deccmber 23rd to vote on whatever proposalssthey come up with. coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... it was all in un and for attention.but this arizonaa college student got more than he bargained for when he went "streaking".the reason he disrobed...and the punishment he faces. &pfaces.but first in sports... offense... defense.. it was
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night.john harraugh weighs ii ((breakk3)) 3
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33 3 &pwhen your offense can't get a quarter .... you know it's ot going to be a good game. and it wasn't for the baltimmre ravens in jacksonville last nnght. night.evee ray lewis' pre-game rally cry couldn't get his team in gear. first quarter ... we start with something you don't see very often .... ray rice fumbles the ball ... his first fumble in more than 500 regular the jags recover ... and later take the lead with a field goal. by the fourth quarter ... the ravens offense still had no offense ... no points on the board ... jaguars were in the lead with flacco gees a pass over the . middle to anquan boldinn.. in the back of the endzone for a five yard touuhdown...rrvens
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are on the board... 9 to 7. running out of time to make a move .... the ravvns try the onsiie kick but are penalizeddfor touching the ball before it goes 10 yards ... that gives he ball back &pto the jaguars who use the good field position to add another field goal. the ravens now eed a touchdown for a chancc to win. finaa two minutes of the game .... on a drive towards the endzone flacco throws an interception ... game over. ravens lose 12 to 7... it waa a disappointing loss for for the purple and black ... but not one that's hard to figurr ouut theres no one explanation, ii you want to put it in a singleeword its lack of execution, we has some missed assignments, some missed blocks they outplayed us one offense, i don't know if you can play worse than that you guys can seeeit...we felt it...wasn't good football... .......((butted to )))we didn'' execute well... they beat us. 3
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us.the ravens have a chance to redeem themselves... at home sunday....against the arizona cardinals. game time ... one o'clock. here's peyton, mason, and addison!they've got their ravens gear on and ready to cheer on the purple and black. thanns to lynn waller for sending in ttis picture of her nephews and niece. and this is brittany and ryan's dog xena.she has her teddy and is ready to watch her favorite team play! no matter wheee you're froo...we're looking for all of you ravens fans to send us in photos showinn off your "purple pride". go to foxbaltimmre dot com nd click on the community features seccton. commng up in our 6 o'clock hour... a connecticut lawmaker is &pscaring up some controversy.. because he wwnts to change the date of halloween to accomdate families.the date he wants to move it to... and why some say... he's just wasting his ti. time.
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3 "we had about a 3-minute span there where we played all percentage when you play a 60- minute football game." game."it's the outcooe most foottall fans didn't expect... the surprising plaas... that cost us the ame. "it would be like changing chhistmas beccuse it's mooe con" ccnvenient."and halloween... moved


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